Press Release – Wollongong, NSW – 17 July 2024

Former independent Councillor and lifelong resident of Wollongong, Andrew Anthony, has announced his candidacy for Lord Mayor in the upcoming Wollongong Council elections this September.

Andrew is campaigning for greater council transparency, fighting over-development, protecting our environment, and enhancing community consultation.

“I want to see well-planned development that respects both the natural and built environment and improves the liveability of Wollongong. I want to protect our escarpment and foreshores from unbridled development,” he stated.

Andrew fears Wollongong has become a dormitory suburb of Sydney, with a significant portion of the population commuting to Sydney for work.

“I want Wollongong to remain a vibrant city for people to live, work, and enjoy life.”

Andrew acknowledges some of the challenges the city is facing, such as keeping up with population growth, demands on housing supply and infrastructure, and flood mitigation. “Our creeks and flood management systems are under pressure, as recent floods have shown, affecting many residents. We need to address these issues proactively,” he noted.

Andrew is particularly concerned about the potential dominance of a single party in Wollongong Council if Labor were to win the position of Lord Mayor as well as six out of the twelve councillor positions.

“The Council benefits from a diversity of opinions, and I believe I can bring a fresh perspective. It is concerning to think that Wollongong Council could return to the days when it was dominated by one party.”

Andrew is also wary of the state’s planning minister, Paul Scully, pushing through reforms that favour more development without proper regard for the city’s planning regulations.

“Reducing red tape and streamlining planning approval times is important, but it should not compromise on quality and planning standards.”

Andrew is committed to greater efforts in community consultation and including the community in decision-making processes. He recently took up the volunteer role of Neighbourhood Forum 5 Convenor, where he actively engages with residents to ensure their voices are heard.

“All too often, decisions are already made by the time the community is consulted. My goal is to foster a more inclusive and transparent council that works closely with the community to address their needs and concerns,” Andrew emphasised.

Andrew acknowledges that his campaign faces challenges such as a limited budget and a small volunteer team. He is calling for community support to deliver flyers and assist on election day.

Andrew invited the community to follow and support his campaign by following his Facebook page.

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